White Rice

White Rice


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Omeals White Rice

This ancient grain with a delicate texture serves as a main food source for more than half of the world’s population! Enjoy our White Rice with any of our Homestyle Meals and increase your portion size by 75%

Omeals homestyle sides are 6 of ready to consume wholesome food. All homestyle sides are never freeze-dried. Our sides are fully cooked, shelf stable, self-heating and can be eaten anytime anywhere. Our menu offerings are vegan, trans fat-free, cholesterol free and contain no artificial flavors. Omeals homestyle sides are sold separately so they can be paired with your favorite homestyle or deluxe meals.


  • Never Freeze-dried & fully cooked
  • Can add to home-style meal
  • Utilize heating element from home-style meal
  • Three-year shelf life

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