Omeals are one of the several brands of Self-heating Meals Ready to Eat that have sprung up recently. These are complete meals in packets intended to provide a hot, filling meal. While this technology was originally innovated for military purposes, the technology has since made its way into the commercial markets, primarily aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

Omeals work with only 3 to 5 ounces of any liquid. And they do mean “any” liquid. You can use sea water as easily as beer, and the meal will work. Of course, you may want to make certain the water you’re starting with is edible.

Once the right amount of liquid is applied to the pouch, a chemical reaction creates heat while specialised insulation keeps this heat from becoming a fire hazard. After around five minutes of this, the reaction stops on its own, leaving you with a hot meal that will keep you full on the trail. Omeals delivers as promised, and you won’t find yourself waiting for half an hour only to watch your food continue to stay cold.

Those looking for more nutritious food for intense outdoor travels, Omeals’ chilli brands (both vegetarian and turkey filled) or chicken creole tend to provide a healthy fix of protein and fibre for a long journey.

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