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Backpacks Backpacking helps local feeding campaigns and international organizations as well as assisting international agencies, government’s, humanitarian relief programs and even defense & security contractors all over the world.

For anyone or situation where meals-ready-to-eat or food that is shelf stable is needed, this company is able to provide feeding solutions to their customers in sizes that include cases, containers, and pallets and are ready to send them worldwide. Backpacks Backpacking has multidisciplinary export experts that know how to give the most cost-effective and efficient shipping alternatives to get your products where you need them anywhere around the globe.

Backpacks Backpacking has a strong understanding about various countries and their customs and cultures regarding food. They know that each application will have its own unique requirements.

Special Note: It’s necessary that you are aware that International duties and taxes are in addition to the shipping charges. You’ll need to contact the customs office in whatever country you’re having the food sent to and inquire about the taxes and duties that will be applicable. If there is some failure that causes your shipment to be put on which is then refused, you will still be responsible for covering all customs charges as well as taxes and duties and shipping cost for the package. Our charges for shipping are at cost, and we do not make any kind of profit from it. The law requires that we disclose the total value of the contents and we are not allowed to alter the value in any way. You can visit our frequently asked questions section for more information.

For any questions or quotes you’re interested in for your International needs, please contact us.

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