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Whatever your specific needs for wholesale or bulk orders are, Backpacks Backpacking can fulfill them. We regularly fill containers, truckloads, and pallets and we can ship them anywhere in the world. If your needs grow, then we are able to work with you at each step of that growth and help you with strategic planning, fulfillment, and logistics needs.

We are experienced with the various challenges that come up in an emergency situation. We have the ability to deliver even under difficult circumstances, and that includes air-dropping meals anywhere around the earth in a short time frame.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders
Contact us for mre wholesale orders via email: info@backpacks-backpacking.com and we will work with you the best option for your MRE needs.

Wholesale supplier of meals ready to eat
A variety of healthy military meals are provided by Backpacks Backpacking on our MRE menu. The ration from Backpacks Backpacking is made up of a poultry, meat or pasta entrée and can be accompanied by potato, rice or vegetables. Other items found in a complete MRE meal kit are nuts, fruit, drink mixes and cookies. The drink mixes come in a variety of flavors, for example lemonade, orange, and fruit punch so that the taste of water is varied as you remain hydrated. They also come with accessory packs with napkins, eating utensils and coffee, they also provide condiments. Every one of our self-heating meals is ideal for disaster relief and humanitarian efforts.

Even though every one of our meals or rations are precooked and can be eaten when opened, you can also purchase MRE heaters to heat up the MRE food. This means that regardless of where they are working or stationed, a soldier or relief worker will have everything that he or she requires to eat their MRE meal. Here at Backpacks Backpacking, you are able to find an MRE for sale by visiting our online store. Other than being able to buy from us wholesale, there are multiple channels through which the ready to eat meals can be distributed at times to relief organizations that are providing emergency food rations to victims of manmade and natural disasters.

Self-heating outdoor meals as well as military grade MRE meals are the types of meals which can be used as survival rations or emergency food rations for those in need. If a natural disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake or flood were to strike, these emergency ration packets are also able to be used as disaster food if the people´s ability to access food in their homes has become disrupted. At Backpacks Backpacking we can produce and provide military ready to eat MRES 24/7 in case of any sort of emergency.

How can we help?

Hotline: 1-877-226-xxxx
Mail: info@backpacks-backpacking.com

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