OMEALS Deluxe Salisbury Steak

OMEALS Deluxe Salisbury Steak


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OMEALS Deluxe Salisbury Steak

High quality cooked beef with garlic, onions, potatoes and gravy. A hungry man’s meal. Traditional, filling, and packed with flavor.

Omeals Deluxe Meals are a gourmet selection of 12oz of fulfilling, handcrafted flavors and textures to please everyone’s preferences and diets. Omeals Deluxe Meals are a variety of beef, chicken, turkey, vegetarian and breakfast recipes with healthier and better ingredients than the current market offerings. Omeals are fully cooked, shelf stable, self-heating and can be eaten anytime anywhere. Each Deluxe Meal comes with everything you need – food tray, heating element and utensils. State of the art flameless heating procedure to warm up the food that only requires a couple of ounces of liquid to activate.

Each Deluxe Meal is self-contained, waterproof, lightweight and can it into any sized backpack or reduced space. Deluxe Meals are Kosher certified; they contain no trans fats or added preservatives that make our meals the healthier option in the marketplace.

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