Omeals Cheese Tortellini 4 Pack

Omeals Cheese Tortellini 4 Pack


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Omeals Cheese Tortellini 4 Pack

Omeals Homestyle Meal – Cheese Tortellini includes 4 fully cooked 8 oz self-contained meal, flameless heating element and utensils. Simply add a half cup of water (any water) to your bag and watch the steam build! Your homestyle meal will be hot and ready to go in 3 – 5 minutes. Open up and enjoy! PACKAGE OF 4


  • Entrees are Never Freeze-Dried & fully cooked.
  • 10g of Protein & 260 Calories per 8 oz serving
  • Self-Heating pouch with steam vent technology
  • Just add water (any water)!
  • Portable weightless pack

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Self-heating Meals


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