Eversafe MRE Full Meal Kit with Heater


Eversafe MRE Full Meal Kit with Heater


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EverSafe MRE Single Meal

Up to 3 years self-life | No Cooking Required | Military Contracted Manufacturer

One single Eversafe Meal Ready To Eat MRE Type

Calories per meal : 1,000 to 1,250 Cal

Includes :

  • 1-Entrée
  • 1-Beverage
  • 1-Snack/spread
  • 1-Dining packet
  • 1- Flameless Heater
  • 1- Waterproof outer
  • 1-Nutritional Insert

Shelf Life : 36 months at 80F degrees from date of pack

Menu Components : Menu suggestions ONLY final menus may vary depending of product availability and what Wornick Foods is manufacturing

EverSafe MRE Single Meal 

If you have been thinking about trying MREs (Meal, Ready-To-Eat), you will find that a standard EverSafe MRE single meal offers a complete meal with a nutritional value of up to 1,250 calories. One of these meals includes an entrée or main course which usually contains a protein source or meat. The meal also comes with a side dish of either a special bread or crackers accompanied by either jam or peanut butter. Each meal also includes a beverage-mix that contains electrolytes that maintain hydration levels and will keep up your strength for the most physically demanding situations.

The EverSafe MRE meals all come with flameless heaters, which provides a way to enjoy a tasty and hot meal every time. This does away with the hassle and in some situations the dangers associated with starting a fire. The cutlery and condiments also add to making each meal a lot more appetizing. These MREs feature a shelf-life of around 3 years when stored at temperatures of 80° F or below, and each meal is stored inside a waterproof pack.

The EverSafe MRE single meal does away with ever having to worry about being left destitute or starving, with nutritious meals that can last for years at a time.


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Civilian MRE, Complete MREs


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